Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tiny Dots of Melted Glass

I just discovered Caitlin Hyde and OMG it takes an amazing skill, steadiness, knowledge about the way certain glass and colors melt to create these intricate designs. I also love her mandala beads. She recently made eight necklaces (which are all gorgeous) as part of a lending library project. The necklaces have made their lending circuit and are now on the auction block to go into private libraries! Wish I could own all of them!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Implosions are lampwork designs that can be made off mandrel or with tubing. It is a way to turn glass inside out and results in really beautiful designs in glass that have a painterly depth.

The technique is often done in borosilicate glass. When I first saw one I was fairly new to lampworking and if it involved melting glass, boro or other, I wanted to try. My first implosions were okay, but then I saw Brent Graber's video. I've seen it twice now and I'm ready to try again!

Brent's video is beautifully instructional without words. Nothing but background music, cool music, and it's my favorite tutorial video of all time. Brent's business is Orgasmic Glass, and he is also known as Mr. Smiley, creator of the "Smiley Heart". Click the picture of the pendant below to watch the will give you an excellent idea of what it takes to make a lampwork glass pendant

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anastasia....isn't she the lost princess?

Well, she's a treasure anyway, that is for sure!!! I'm sitting here, with my toes above my nose, and avoiding the effort it takes to go down the stairs with a broken ankle. Wishing I were in my studio downstairs, and looking at a lot of inspiration, brought me across Anastasia Beads. They are so unique and I love how she goes beyond the shape of a "bead" to make unique pieces of art that are somewhat sculptural. Tiny dots, tiny stringers, HUGE IMPACT.