Friday, November 23, 2012

25% off Everything!

Boy, am I beat; what a great Thanksgiving. 

I've listed rings and a bracelet and a bead today. I'm also offering 25% off EVERYTHING in my ETSY shop; use coupon code "THANKSGIVING" at checkout. The sale ends at midnight (PST) on Sunday, 11/25/12.

Cocoa Mum
I made a complete Thanksgiving dinner in about 4 hours, kept it warm while we went to volunteer at the community dinner at Ebbetts Pass Moose Lodge, where we met old friends, and made new friends. What a surprising day to see people I haven't seen in forever like Kristy Moore, Dee Mandell, and Linda and Kelly Wright!

Then we came home to a smoked turk
ey, fresh green bean casserole, cornbread and kale stuffing, Rot Khol (German style red cabbage), mashed potatoes, roast turkey gravy, cranberry salad (Mom's recipe), and ginger snap pumpkin pie with candied pumpkin seed topping, all made from scratch!! In FOUR HOURS!!! Go Mona, Go Mona, Go Mona! Most of the recipes were successful, and you can find them on my Pinterest Board "Favorite Recipes I've Tried".

And now the kitchen is clean, and I've collapsed on the couch. Many thoughts of many friends and family over these last few days have warmed my heart, and given me hope for a brighter future and much love for all! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, remember to buy local and buy handmade! Much love!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Show and Tell

Do you remember that I won a prize from Erin Prais-Hinz? When I entered the drawing for the prize, I felt so personally connected to the offering. The beautiful pendant spoke to me from India, from spirit, from who I am. I knew that my favorite bead, my sculptural Buddha, had finally found a mate. If you are looking for pieces to use in an expression of self, be sure to check out Erin's website; you will surely find what you are looking for!

When my package from Erin arrived it was so beautifully presented in a lovely ribbon tied box and handwritten note in a purple card and envelope with personalized stamps, beautiful business card, coupon, and adorable vintage mini-print. Purple, orange, and green seem to be my favorite colors to "go to" (though I will not claim to have a single favorite!); the packaging spoke to me in more ways than just color. The stamp on the envelope seal was a key and the word "discover" and this prize was definitely a key to discovering symbols that I use to define myself.

I decided that this piece was just for me, just about me, and should include the items I find significant. I went throughout my home and studio and combed through all my dearest beads, embellishments, and findings. The quantity of my findings is a demonstration of my eclectic and voluminous appreciation of life.
I couldn't make a piece with ALL my favorite things, so I pared down the choices. My Buddha, a medal that was my father's, a chunk of amethyst (my birthstone and favorite color), my zodiac sign (a bead I made), a chunk of quartz crystals (saved from a memorable time), a single leather wrapped crystal pendant (also saved from a memorable time), a photo pendant of my kids and deceased dog, and beads from a bestie, SuziFitz Beads.
Here's how it all turned out. I call it Talisman.

I wore it to the Bay Area Bead Expo, and someone noticed it and said it looked like a Talisman, so I must have been channeling my intention purely! It needs to be reworked to make it more wearable though. The heavy crystals keep flopping over. I'll share how that goes at a later time. I'll also be sharing my time at BABE very soon, along with the new jewelry I'll be making with my finds from the show.

I just posted a documentary review on The Billionaires' Tea Party, you can read on my web site. Don't forget to check out my recent Pinterest finds and subscribe to my website here for a 15% off coupon. So, for now, I leave you with pictures of my newest listings; click them if you want more info.