Friday, November 23, 2012

25% off Everything!

Boy, am I beat; what a great Thanksgiving. 

I've listed rings and a bracelet and a bead today. I'm also offering 25% off EVERYTHING in my ETSY shop; use coupon code "THANKSGIVING" at checkout. The sale ends at midnight (PST) on Sunday, 11/25/12.

Cocoa Mum
I made a complete Thanksgiving dinner in about 4 hours, kept it warm while we went to volunteer at the community dinner at Ebbetts Pass Moose Lodge, where we met old friends, and made new friends. What a surprising day to see people I haven't seen in forever like Kristy Moore, Dee Mandell, and Linda and Kelly Wright!

Then we came home to a smoked turk
ey, fresh green bean casserole, cornbread and kale stuffing, Rot Khol (German style red cabbage), mashed potatoes, roast turkey gravy, cranberry salad (Mom's recipe), and ginger snap pumpkin pie with candied pumpkin seed topping, all made from scratch!! In FOUR HOURS!!! Go Mona, Go Mona, Go Mona! Most of the recipes were successful, and you can find them on my Pinterest Board "Favorite Recipes I've Tried".

And now the kitchen is clean, and I've collapsed on the couch. Many thoughts of many friends and family over these last few days have warmed my heart, and given me hope for a brighter future and much love for all! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, remember to buy local and buy handmade! Much love!
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  1. The ring is stunning!

    And when I saw that picture on Pinterest I just melted.

  2. Wow! Lori, just Wow! I know you don't want to be famous or adored or anything like that, but giggle giggle, did you all hear that Lori Anderson loves my ring. I am remotivated!!! Love everything you do and write Lori! Thank you for the compliment (it's like when you want to know if you really can sing well, you hope Symon Cowell has something to say!)


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