Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Beautiful are These?!

Dora, Dora, Dora! I'm supposed to be doing homework and cleaning the house. My mom is coming all the way from Germany (Wetzlar) to visit for 2 months and here you are distracting me from preventing her disapproval of my housekeeping skills! Though she promised to leave the white glove at home, if you have a German mom, you know that is impossible...heck, she doesn't even have to be German!

My plan is to distract her with beautiful beads just like you have done here!

I love the stringer control and the lighting in this photograph really shows the beauty of the transparent aqua against the edges of the opaque ivory.

Dora Schubert is a lampworker in Germany, and can be found on Facebook and Etsy as BeadChatter. I checked out her ETSY, and each of her focals are unique and incredible works of art. Here are some stunners!
Butterflies are Free

Hot Flowers

Night of the Red Lantern


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