Saturday, January 15, 2011

Returning Home

Well, it has been a looooong time. So long, I forgot I even had a blog! Julie Nordine blogged about Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party; to participate you have to have a blog. That counted me out...oh wait, I DO have a blog! It even has a clever name!

So what have I been doing to make me forget I have my own blog? Well, I finished my schooling except for my research and my multiple subject student teaching. My mom came to visit from Germany. Other stuff, other people, and most recently I tried to sell on eBay again...EBAY SUCKS!! I paid 35.00 in fees to make 12.00 in sales! So, I decided to open my ETSY shop again.

I've changed my shipping policy and added some beads. I haven't told anyone yet; I want to get some new work in the shop first. I made new beads yesterday.

I think I've been afraid to make beads. I'm not happy with what I make when I do sit down at the torch. Yesterday I gave myself permission to play with colors, dots, and stringer. Here's what I made.

I need to etch the one on the left to, hopefully, bring out the colors of red, yellow, and blue that are there. I like the black and white. The dot bead is really nice but the dots are sloppy; love the colors.

Look for them soon at my Etsy shop, MonaRaeBeads.

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