Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling Free

I made beads last night instead of watching TV. I used to feel that it was "too late" to make beads but I'm glad that didn't stand in my way. Even though I only made three of them, it was worth doing.

I had an idea in my head about how to make rows of "square" dots. My idea didn't work but the bead turned out okay. I like the color combo of black, gray, and pink. I also had a Dora Schubert bead stuck in my head that I wanted to try for stringer practice. I just loved the color combination of aqua and white.

Of the three I made I think this is my favorite, though very far from Dora Schubert quality and skill. It is hollow and instead of rounding the ends I let them come to points; it is a nice bicone shape and the ends are smooth, so it makes a great focal bead.

So, what will I do with these beads? I got an email the other day from Rings & Things offering contest entries for mentioning them in my blog and social media posts. So I thought I'd shop their new catalog for some great end caps for the aqua bead.

I envision something different, classy, silver, and something that enhances the bicone shape. I found this great silver spool. I like it because I can see the next bead in the other side of the cap. You get 18-22 caps per 8" strand for only $14!
Then I found this great, hammered, silver cone, ($11.70 for 10) which would really elongate the bicone shape of the bead.
Finally I found another cone-type but this time it is a bell flower ($10.50 for 10) which is a little more feminine and might look better with the stringer work, depending on the whole look I'm going for (modern or feminine?)

So, now I'm hoping I can sell some of my beads in ETSY; then I'll be able to buy some of these bead caps. I think I'll use Rings & Things components for the whole necklace and design it here on my blog. Stay tuned for the next step!


  1. Thanks Sue! And in case you mean the caps, Rings & Things thanks you too!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Mona! :)

    at Rings & Things


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