Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creating Space for the Positive

Yesterday I shared a link with you of a slide show with some positive messages. At the end of the show was an invitation to join an email list for more of the "growth" affirmations, so I signed up. I recieved a message from them today that reminded me to create the space I need in my life and mind by eliminating the negativity that hogs up the room in my life and mind.

The Landmark Forum taught me "Why suffer? Feel the Rejuvenating Freedom of Letting Go! We tend to feel as if we have to suffer over our failures, losses or emotional stress from the past – not true!". There are many programs that teach the same truth, that we are the creators of our own life, good and bad, and that we are responsible for creating our life the way it is and the way we want it to be. The most important lesson I learned was that I am whole and complete and that I am "enough". Though it is easy to say, these positive affirmations must be practiced in thought and action to realize themselves.

Yesterday's blog post was about fear. Today is about overcoming that fear by practicing what I already know. I am good enough and there is nothing wrong with me unless I say there is.

The beads turned out as good as I wanted them too. I'll take pics and post later. I'd post today, which seems more in line with my goal for today, but I guess I wanted my son to call me and ask me to pick him up from school because he was sick to his stomach, and I guess I wanted to be confronted with "you will have to take him to the doctor for ANY absence from now on" and I guess I wanted to be frustrated by such an unreasonable demand, and the fact that my whole day had been shot at this point because I had other plans.

Such is life, despite the wisdom of knowing I am the creator of my life, and all the positive affirmations in the world for myself don't change the negative realities of a child's illness. But it does make me aware and appreciative that I have a wonderful son and a life that lets me take care of him when he's sick, and lets me defend him against a system that doesn't REALLY care if he's sick, only that they get their money for his presence.

So, although plans seemed to be ruined, I will create the best of the rest of the day....practice practice practice

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