Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keeping Promises and Practical Practice

Well, here they are, the new beads I've made this month, and fulfillment of one of my many recent promises. Along with trying to quit smoking, I've been posting to my blog, and making beads again, and practicing my stringer control. As a result, I'm also practicing my bead shaping and color combinations and most importantly, I'm practicing the freedom to be creative with whatever is at hand, spontaneously, without planning.

However, when committing to something it is important to plan and to declare your commitment. I made it public that I was quitting smoking, planned a way that would offer a greater chance of success, took the necessary steps to make it work, went to the doctor, set a date, and made it public. My post yesterday was about practice; living my life as creator of all that I want to be requires practice of learned principals. The most important thing to practice is recognition of complacent, human reactions to life, and being prepared to do or say something to myself that takes me out of the past and into the present with my sights on the future.

That is so much easier said than done. I know that I am human, but I want to be a super human living my life conscious of the power I have to create my life in any given moment. I was reminded of a way to do that, to remind myself, that I will share with you as a practical tip for practicing new ways of being, whether it is a new way as a human, or an artist, or a friend, or lover, or whatever hat you are wearing. I'm sure you will enjoy The Soul of What you want to Create: an interview with Hiro Boga.

Danielle LaPorte publishes White Hot Truth (because self realization rocks). I'm not sure how I found it, or why she does it, but her newsletter applies to so many facets of living, but empowerment is what I see as the heart of her publication. She does many interviews and shares her life, her business, her passion, and her artistry in a way that speaks to practicing living life with power and sincerity. Sincerity is probably the most important concept to a life well lived; being authentic is the only way to be and White Hot Truth is always authentic. Check it out!

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