Monday, January 31, 2011

They say the Truth Hurts...NOT!

Who ever "they" are, "they" are not always right. More often than not I have believed that to really grow as an individual I had to face the truth and tell the truth "on myself." I was supposed to give authentic apologies in which I owned my actions, telling the "truth" about what "I" had done. I was supposed to look at my past and tell the "truth" about what "I made it mean." It hurt to tell on myself, but the process was worth the pain because it lead to growth and freedom to create my world the way I wanted it to be. Today I find that the truth does NOT always hurt.

I have been very active since the new year in personal growth. I told on myself in order to grow as a person and an artist. I said things like "I haven't been making enough beads", "I haven't practiced skills enough", "I haven't tried", "I haven't put my heart into it", "I haven't really wanted it." Well the truth is, thinking about these things was "doing" them.

Earlier I introduced you to Danielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth. Today's newsletter, "So 7 Chicks Get into a hot tub", talks about moving energy before looking for the results. My favorite passage is "It's not always a doing. It's a new seeing. And people see you back." I've been moving energy, and now I am seeing results as if I'd actually "done" the things I said I wasn't doing enough of, and people ARE seeing me!

For example, all I did was resubmit expired listings in my ETSY shop and on the first day I sold a sculpted stingray bead. In the first week I was featured in a treasury, Orange Ya Tired of Winter's Gray?. Almost daily I have new hearts, new favorite watchers, and new circles that I have been made a part of. I've also started blogging again, for personal as well as professional growth, and people ARE seeing me. As of today I have 3 new followers!

So, along with the moving energy, even though I can't afford to buy the components for a new necklace, I can move some energy and create the necklace virtually. I promised I would use Rings & Things components to build a necklace around my newest favorite lampwork bead.

I found three beautiful end caps, and I've decided on one of them.

I will use these silver spool endcaps to add a modern sleek look that compliments and repeats the shape of my bicone focal. I liked them because I could also imagine the next beads in the necklace, which I envisioned as bicones. Today I thought it would be nice to find a bicone bead that complimented the scroll theme of the focal, and filagree came immediately to mind.
 I found these beautiful, silver plated filagree rounds for only $17.75 for 12 dozen!!! Now that's affordable and I plan to use them in a major way. Though they are not bicone, it might be possible to flatten the sides into a bicone shape...we'll see. And because I have so many, I might be able to make this a multi strand necklace, which could be quite stunning! These are 10mm rounds and my focal is about 20mm wide, so now I need some complimentary beads between 10 and 20mm wide...hmmm, blue?, white?, silver? bicone?

Yeah, baby, this is fun! And productive and moving energy...results will come on their own, you'll see!


  1. Hi again Monarae,

    This is fun! Getting to tag along as you brainstorm designs...

    You made me remember, if you're looking for "any" beads of a certain color, in our online store you can plug in the words, like blue bead...And you'll get a nice big list of beads to scroll through for inspirations!

    Another fun (geeky) :) way to search for a certain color of beads is to go into Google Images. Plug in a search like this, blue bead enjoy page after page of bead pictures!

    Cheers from

    at Rings & Things

    [Don't forget to jump into our Design Contest!]

  2. Sounds like fun! Bump that number up to four new followers too!

  3. OMG Dave! Thanks for the search tip; it's going to be so much easier and faster to see EVERYTHING I need at Rings & Things! And after you read today's post, you'll know I'm now able to buy my components and I'll definitely enter the Design Contest!

    Patricia, thanks so much for bumping my followings! I've joined your blog too! Looks like we are in the same space of self growth and creativity!


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