Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mother Knows Best

My mom always knows the right things to say! Today she told me that I tend to just jump and fly and when disappointment comes I crash so hard that it leaves me always feeling like I've failed. It's true; I've always felt like a failure and disappointment to those who matter most to me...I thought it was because I was afraid of success. Mom says, I never give myself the chance of success because (in my own interpretation) I jump from too high a ledge before I have all the feathers in my wings. These words come at the perfect time for me to hear and consider them, tell the truth about myself, and make room - move energy - for success.

Yesterday I showed you my favorite new lampwork bead (made by me) along with some silver filigree and spool shaped spacers.

I want to put them together in a necklace, probably a multi strand, but I'd like more interesting bicone shapes. I searched at Rings & Things for blue, silver, and white bicones and found these amazing Mirage beads. They are really cool thermo reactive polymer and only $13 for a strand of 10! But, I need to start understanding myself at this point in the design because I tend to put everything into a piece, but find my more simple designs the prettiest. As fun as these are, I need to bookmark them for another project because I think they would be wrong for the focal and overall mood I'm going for.

However, I also found these 12-14 mm antique Vaseline glass trade beads (expensive but I could sell what I don't use).
I also found these wonderful pearl and crystal bicone balls ($3 each).

And finally I found these larger, 10mm crystals ($8.35 per dozen).
I wonder if I could use all of them. Would you? Should I have a complimentary color to the aqua blue? Should I have a larger variety of texture instead of color? I also like artistic, eclectic, asymmetrical designs, but most people prefer symmetry and simple beauty; which would you prefer?

Comment below and help me put the feathers in my wings that will make this design soar successfully!


  1. Hi Monarae,

    I think it's really interesting to imagine a jewelry piece with all these items -- It would change color according to heat AND light conditions. Very cool, never the same look from moment to moment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts out loud!

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

    [PS, you still have time to enter our Design Contest!]

  2. Thanks Dave! I didn't think about how it will change as much as the look of the components; now it's even better!!


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