Thursday, February 24, 2011

So much snow!

I can't believe it has been 15 days since my last post! Since then I've had a birthday and about 5 feet of snow, cumulatively; 3+ feet of it just last weekend! There's another storm coming in today and ending Saturday morning. I'm glad I'll still get a weekend day; that is only if the news sources are correct. It's so hard to find reliable information on the weather in our tiny little town. To the major news stations (at least 2 hours drive away in any direction) Arnold doesn't seem to exist. Weather Underground, no matter how desperate I am to believe it, is sorrowfully inaccurate. Everyone I ask, recommends a different "reliable" forecasting resource. And if you believe NPR radio out of Sacramento, snow level this time around is 800 feet, AND sea level; San Francisco will be getting snow for the first time in over 40 years!

Some people are snow people, and some people aren't. No matter how many "flat landers" own second homes in Arnold, many just don't know how to "live" in the snow. Even "full timers" aren't all equipped to handle the snow they live in or flee from, here in Arnold. Regardless of the inaccurate details given by many resources for weather forecasting, when any of them warn of snow they are at least telling that much of the truth. The locals here just say, "If you want to know what the weather is doing, just look out the window." The key to living in the snow is know it is coming. Once you acknowledge that snow will come and may stop you in your tracks, you can be better prepared. Here's what I recommend.

Park your car in a place you KNOW you can get out of if snow is on the ground, and point your front in the direction you need to go so you won't have to stop and maneuver. Have both metal and plastic snow shovels in your car, on your porch, and enough spares to lend to those in need (especially if you are the one in need and an extra body is standing around!) Shovel around your car, especially in front, as if you will only have one shot at getting out, cuz it is likely that will be the case. Shovel while it is snowing if accumulation is great so that the light stuff stays light and easy to move. If you have to walk from your parking spot to your front door, DO NOT shovel all of the snow; at night bare ground becomes slick ice, and if you wanna' party with the other snow survivors and skiers you don't want to break a limb getting back into the house...walk on the snow you didn't shovel for safe passage and traction. Have wood to burn in your wood stove. If you have an electric range, you want a wood stove with a cook/flat top, and appropriate cookware. Have groceries ready for woodstove cooking long enough for a 3 day power outage. Have candles and flashlights and batteries and good games and books to read. HAVE A PHONE THAT PLUGS INTO THE PHONE JACK and doesn't rely on electricity! Most importantly, relax!!! Let mother nature take her course, eventually the snow will aren't going to die if you actually enjoy life for a few days instead of worrying about how much snow you will get and how long the power will be out.

Okay, so, I made some more beads and a necklace for my birthday. Here's the necklace  I did all the copper wire work and the lampwork bead. The necklace features fluorite diamonds and red jasper rounds and beautiful copper rounds.

I also made and listed beads. Check out my etsy shop for more than you see here.

If you are thinking you would like to make jewelry with my beads, go get some of the great finds at Rings and Things. They have a 5 Day Sale right now. I especially like these Crystal Prisms with the bead immediately above!


  1. Oh! I love your bday necklace!!! The focal, surrounded by the beaded copper wire, is fabulous! The details in the bead selections make this a truly festive for the bday girl!!!

  2. Thanks so much Tammy! I love your ETSY shop and your work too! Check out the new necklace I made this week!


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