Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let Your Voice be Heard!

In the name of personal and professional growth I am practicing the art of being me. I'm declaring that to get back to me I will use my voice. I've always said that my gift is my voice and have often wondered how I was to use it. I don't think there is one particular way I was meant to use it, but rather that I should use it as liberally as I can.

My blog is my voice for growth and artistic expression. While entirely self-centered, my voice hopes to inspire others and to explore how I am being in this world. Am I being confident? Am I committed to doing what I say? Am I committed to being a super human being? Am I committed to hearing and seeing what the Universe puts in my path? I AM I AM I AM I!

At the doctor's office the clinician's all noticed my necklace. I heard a wish to be able to buy it, and I voiced the ability to make that wish come true. She bought it off my neck!

On the phone with my mom I was afraid to tell her about a new business idea. Committed to living fearlessly, I voiced my idea, and she LOVED it and inspired me to make it reality!

Is there something you have been wanting to say, but kept silenced? I say, "Speak!" Give freedom to your voice, fearlessly!
I've been collecting items to make a necklace around my favorite lampwork bead. Yesterday I found some beautiful but expensive trade beads at Rings & Things. Today I received a newsletter from R & T and was introduced to Fired Agate!
I found some beautiful new beads to add to my necklace and they are only $12.25 per 16 inch strand! Now that puts less of a dent in the money I just made from selling my necklace!

It is time to start putting the necklace together. Yesterday, I posed some questions to help make some design decisions. I'd planned on using Photoshop to virtually create my necklace, and thought, "I bet someone has created some jewelry design software that will make it easier!" Well, someone has! I found!

Craft Design Board is an online project designing board that allows the user to shop from multiple sellers in one place, put the components on the craft board, virtually try different designs, and purchase everything in one place. I'm gonna try it out and show you the results. I can't believe I've never found this; maybe it's because I've never asked for it!

Voice your desires, even if no one is there to hear them!


  1. That's awesome that the lady bought the necklace. I've had people comment on pieces I've worn and it never occurred and I do get shy about it and neglect saying I can make one.
    Think someone needs to smack up side the head and get me shouting.

  2. What's that? Speak a little louder!

    Thanks for reading my post Patricia. Not only did she buy it from me for more than I asked, she gave me only $30 less than I thought it was worth! It was a lucky day; I very rarely wear my own jewelry. I really should advertise myself more, and the easiest way is to wear my wares! I even have a digital photo key chain to carry pics of beads with me, but I never have loaded it! I'll smack you if you smack me back!

  3. lol, I can agree to some mutual slapping. And a digital keychain! I need one of those too.


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