Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today is Meatloaf Day!

No, not the singer...the food! Watching the Food Network while reviewing my Face Book, and it seems every show is about comfort food, and each show has a version of meat loaf today! So today I present you the Face Book version of meat loaf, according to MonaRaeBeads!

Any good meal starts with soup, right? And some of you have colds in this inclement weather (well, not me; we finally have a sunny day!), so soup will make you feel better.

Bead Soup Party is on! Go check out Lori Anderson's blog, Pretty Things; she hosted an international beading/jewelry making party. More than 200 participants were paired up, and required to send each other various components, including beads, to make a piece of jewelry. The only requirement was that they have their own blog. It is inspiring, and if you visit blogs you will find different prizes; Lori has her own contest for visitors to the Soup, so be sure to start there by clicking Bead Soup Party.
I visited Julie Nordine's blog for Credit River Art Glass. She received components from Jess Italia Lincoln of Vintaj and made this fantastic necklace. 
Here is what Jess made with Julie's signature heart and components.

I also visited Marcy Lamberson's blog; I love her sculptural beads! Here's what Marcy made with Lara's (Stick Lizard Designs) components.

Another favorite lampworker is Libby Leuchtman. She made this with Kristin Latimer's ingredients.
I love the focal Libby provided for Kristin's soup! Here it is

Each of the blog partners has a list of the other soup "chefs". There's a lot to see, so just jump easily from pot to pot.

Okay, so first course is done and I'm getting full. I'm happy that I shoveled yesterday (twice!) because today I get to do what I want. I think I want to make beads...because I have less inventory! If you want some of that inventory, get a 15% discount on your order over $20 by subscribing to my blog and commenting on your purchase  "BlogSubscriber15". That's right, I've sold beads the last 3 days in a row! That is so exciting! If you want to see some of what melting glass is about check out this You Tube Video with David Patchen "Hot Glass Cold Beer". This is large scale glass blowing!

Also on Face Book today are lots of friends groaning that they got snow (me included) and those that rejoice it and those that didn't get any but wanted it. There is a baby "beautiful child" born to my friends and family, welcome into the world Keva! There are these beautiful big hole beads from Gemshow Online jewelry supply.

 There are fabulous shoes, and fabulous people, and fabulous games, and fabulous music, and even fabulous students. Check out the latter in this awesome sign language video

Did I forget anything? Like the meatloaf, my day, and my Face Book meatloaf has many ingredients, and there's always a new twist and more to add. But at some point you want to eat so you have to quit adding ingredients. Oh, I would love to have that discipline when it comes to making beads! Off to try that now!


  1. Great post, Mona! Thank you for including me! The Bead Soup party has been fun. Will take days to make it through all of the posts!

  2. thanks for commenting Julie. I hope you get many visits from my friends and subscribers. Your work is beautiful. It will take me weeks to see all the "chefs"!


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