Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knock, Knock...

Who's there? The Universe, that's who! I can't be the only person who's noticing a shift in things in their world. Some special friends had biopsies and the results will be coming back on the same day, though they live in different towns and do not know each other. And their friends are going through similar situations. There are a lot of mental health issues being dealt with by myself, my friends, friends of friends, both near and far. There's a tendency for me to be self-destructive (translate party girl), but I get over it fast and get on with the business of being there for others. That is something the Universe seems to be saying LOUD...I am a greater support for others and less in need than I think...I must have faith in the Universe, for time and time again it proves itself to be there for me.

"It's time to step out on faith, I gotta show my face, it's been elusive for so long...look what I have found...strength, courage, and wisdom, it's been inside of me all along..."

I can't believe it has only been a week since my last post...No, it has to be longer than that! See, I told you I can't believe it (LOL)! I think I will just spit out all the grain I've been storing in my cheek without care of the order in which I give it (boy, grammatically that was from another time...been writing like that a lot lately!)

Sales, sales, sales. Is it the season? Is it the economy? Is it both? I've been noticing a lot of great sales and here are a few I've held onto to share with you.

"Save 15% on all chain and stringing material during the String-a-Palooza! This is a great time to get basic elements for your designs. Everything from jewelry wire and silk cord to sterling silver and base metal chain is on sale. Enter ZZ-PALOOZA15 at checkout to save before this sale ends on Wednesday, April 20, 2011." at Artbeads

Wednesday, April 13, thru Sunday, April 17, 2011: Don't get strung out choosing the right jewelry cord — stock up now on quality stringing supplies at great sale prices! Get 10-20% off volume pricing for WireLace®, velvet ribbon, Rattail™ satin-like cord, SoftFlex® beading wire and SoftTouch™ stringing cable. 5 days only! at Rings & Things

At Heartsy you get "Daily deals on fabulous hand made items", at least 50% off from selected ETSY artists in all categories. I hope I'll be chosen some day.

And of course for my blog subscribers, at Mona Rae Beads when you make a purchase over $20, you get 15% off when you comment "subscribe15"! Did you see the rosary I made? It is a jewelry piece but includes all the parts of a 5 decade rosary. Perfect for spring!

I received an order for 6 beads that will be used as buttons on a hand crocheted coat. I can't wait to see what Sharon at Chubby Cheek Sweaters does with these!

Julie Smith, one of my loyal fans, just purchased these from me. I hope she sends me pics of what she makes with them! If you send me pics of your creations with my beads I will give you an immediate refund and shout out in my blog!
Well, I've said a lot today, yet there's so much more I can share with you! I have new listings and price reductions in my shop, so I thank you in advance for looking at them. In the meantime, I want to share a charming story about being tenacious, making others happy, and this bead that I sold to Deborah (The Jeweled Bird). It will bring you back full circle, as the Universe always does!

2/28 MONA: When I was packing your bead to mail today, I noticed the small surface encasing crack had turned into many cracks. I must have grabbed an incompatible rod of clear. I can make you a new one or refund your money.

DEB: I really REALLY fell in love with that one!

MONA:  I love this bead too, and it was fun to make, and it was so vibrant and my first successful attempt at baleen pleats.

MONA: I made another one yesterday and used a fresh rod of the clear. The same thing happened with the encasement, but this time it cracked in a way that told me it was incompatible with the gold metal in the pink...So, I just made another one, this time with a less expensive (no silver metal in it) clear, which unfortunately is not as crystal. It is in the kiln now... If you don't like it then I'll try it without the clear encasing. I guess another option would be to either use another color other than pink...As long as power stays on, I'll be trying again tomorrow

DEB: No problem, thank you!

MONA: I did try another. I used a light gray clear and the rubino I used didn't turn out as pink. It is a deep rich purple...Still want to try again for another

DEB: No problem, thank you, thank you!

MONA: I had a couple ideas, one of which I am sure will work. I'm going to re'anneal the two I made that cracked to see if they can be "healed". The other idea I had is... lightly encase the bead with 104 moretti clear frit  then encase with the Aether it will keep the two metals (Aether silver & Rubino gold) from "stressing eachother out."

DEB: First thanks for the update, second, I truly thank you for the tenacity that you have shown for this one focal...
If you decide that 'enough is enough, I will understand, as you have devoted so much time to ME and this one bead.

MONA: I appreciate your patience and the opportunity to work it out so it can't happen again. I hope we are successful so that you can have the beautiful bead you want and I'll have a solution to share with others.

DEB: Well, I will remain optimistic, then:):):) is so hard when you really fall for a bead...and you have been so kind to try to make it work... i will keep my fingers crossed!

MONA: The last option might be to take the bead as it is. The cracks do not go all the way through, so the bead would not break. However, how you use the bead will make a difference in what will happen (will the cracks get bigger, will the clear encasing break off?)...

MONA: Well, they came out of the kiln and looked healed with the exception of one tiny crack, but as soon as I dropped them into the water to soak (and I dropped them on purpose) the encasement on "the one" cracked. I also made a test bead using the clear frit encasement and it also had two long cracks in it. However, I found one rod of diamond clear (which is not double helix) and I will try that this weekend.

DEB: Dear Mona, your efforts are so , SO appreciated...I think, perhaps, you love this pretty bead as much as I do.

MONA: Yes, I really do like this one as much as you do. I'm very frustrated that I haven't been able to duplicate it, which makes it even more special! I'm disappointed in the performance of the diamond clear. If you want it cracked, you can have it cracked. If you don't want it cracked, then I'll wear it! Other options at this point are to make it without clear or make it without rubino. Do you want me to try that?

DEB: Hello Mona....Oh you poor have tried harder than anyone I know! I will PROUDLY wear the cracked a testament to your perseverance and as a beautiful object with a mind of it's own. I cannot explain WHY it is so just is! I give you my grateful thanks for trying to repair this beauty...or remake her. I thanks you so much...

I look forward to wearing the 'special' bead, and I look forward to telling it's impressive story...about a glass woman who tried so hard hard to make me happy (and did:):):) (4/13)

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