Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who's there? The Universe...

The Universe who? The YOU niverse, that's who!

My last entry talked about changes in the universe, as it applies to people and events near to my life. My friends are healing (Benign!) and so am I. I wrote a letter to the Universe on my other blog (Beads of Thought) and it seems to have been received, because solutions have been trickling in. I asked my son's dad (who has a knack for connecting astrology to life) to explain what in the Universe is going on, and he said to look for Mercury to be out of retrograde, and changes to occur on April 23. Well, today I awakened more refreshed than I have been in a while and full of energy. I even told my friend on the phone, "Something is wrong with me! I'm excited and relaxed at the same time. Nothing is getting to me and all possibilities exist; I'm so flexible. I'm not me, am I? I'm manic? Am I annoying?"

Even though I don't talk with you as often as I like, I want you to know I think of you constantly. Every day there is something new I want to share with you. I've been saving up our conversations, so I'll just start them up again with Michael Schwade. Who? Michael.
Michael (MSchwade on ETSY) has 45 years in jewelry designing and bench crafting. The Universe sent him to my bead store and he bought my Panatone bead.

He made this stunning pendant of torch welded bronze. This Cirque du Soliel trapeze artist is balancing my bead above her head.
I feel like I'm a trapeze artist sometimes, and I'm sure you do to! I hope I'm as graceful as Michael's piece, even when I feel more like Atlas! Michael, there are a lot of people would love an interchangeable bead holder like your Cirque du Soliel; you should consider making them for people who love artisan beads.

I'm giving Michael 25% off anything in my shop because he sent me a picture of what he made with my bead. If you are making things with my work, I'd love to show them off and appreciate you too! Send me a picture!

Another gift from the Universe is Sharon from Periwinkle Tangerine and Chubby Cheek Sweaters. I finished a set of beads for her that she will be using on several sweaters she's made. I can't wait to show the finished product to you, so here are the beads she's using.

 I had a really productive lampworking week last week! I listed a lot and I made new beads. Below is just a little gallery. Most of them have not been listed, so as I often promise, here are your first looks at new beads! I love you all, all my stars in my universe, you are blessings to me!

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