Sunday, July 17, 2011

Polenated Love Letters from the Universe

Check out this photograph I took today! I haven't washed the summer pollen of the front porch and was sitting today, and noticed this obvious pattern of flowers in the pollen, and then a lady bug, and then that there were many more flowers in this one foot section of my porch. Can you see them?

What on Earth could have done this?! Has someone been on my porch and made these perfect designs. I imagined a cute little girl, wandering through the neighborhood, blessing all the front porches, as she walks through the imagination land that is my neighborhood, seeing cool ponds in the old blue kiddie-pool leaning against my wall, and the red pony of a snow shovel, waiting for a ride as it waits for the next snow. Or maybe it was a very, very talented bug, sending me a message from the Universe?! How special am I to be so blessed with such an unexplainable, mysterious tiding of happy, pretty, playful totems?!

So I had to take a picture, because no one will believe it. And I have to put it on my blog to share the blessings. And I have to tell you to believe you are special too and to just look at what is around you and not to miss a sign. And finally, I have to tell you to look at the bottom of your slippers!

I am the little girl of mysterious and playful tidings of joy. Don't miss a beat, but imagine in an audacious way. Even if you are making your own slipper prints, even a moment of imagination to remember how special you are, to pretend the prints are a sign, to understand you are the creator of prints, the creator of meaning, and making joy with your meaning, to live is an fantastical thing.

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