Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Love About Love . . .

And what I learn from love on T. V.

I love when a parent suddenly sees their child as a unique individual, and confesses their blindness and express their pride in their child. My dad did that the day before he died; life would not be the same for me had I never heard those words, "I'm proud of you."

I love when you love so deeply, you let someone be who they are without putting your feelings on them. It is a lonely place to be, but it is the ultimate loving place to be. Loving your best friend is not about expressing how you feel about someone else, but it is about loving the feeling as your own, to yourself, because you never want that person to be any different than they are, you never want them to have responsibility for how you feel, you own your feelings, they own your heart...and without knowing they have that responsibility, they are the perfect keepers of it.

I love when you love yourself, despite not loving yourself. I love when you have the courage to believe you will be okay, even when you feel the world sucks and you are all alone in it. I love when you lean on yourself when you feel there is no one to lean on, reaaaaaly lean on, who knows exactly how you feel, and you have no doubt they do and no need to make sure they understand. I love knowing I am that person for myself. I love that no matter how hard it is to accept that I am my best friend, I really am my best friend. I love when you have the courage to know you are your very best friend. I love when we are our own best friends, we become each other's best friend. I love that when we become best friends, we know that being "alone" "lonely" and "the only" "unloveable misfit" is all a lie. I love that when I realize I am a powerful best friend to myself, I realize I fit everywhere, and that there is not "one" and "only", but "all" and "infinity".

I love dads who love their daughters. I love Drop Dead Diva. I love The Ghost Whisperer. I love Oprah, and Dr. Phil. I love Isaac, and Joely, and Kelly, and Susan, and Zina, and Suzi, and Hillary, and baby Z and people with the letter X in their name, and technology, and service, and love....and me....and you.





Be            LOVE       be loving     to you

(p. s. Why is the label "hot chick" in my tags?!)


  1. This says it perfectly. I love (reaaaaallllly love) the way you see yourself and you are so kind to share with us. I am so glad I woke up with this blog in my mailbox. Thank You my dear.

  2. Kathleen, thank you for your kind words; I'm so happy to be inspiring and healing, and truly appreciate your reminder that I'm "being". I just read your latest blog entry and from your first 2 sentences see how timely my post is, and how we all really vibrate in the same plane. I also LOVED this about your sister " BJoy, had the misfortune of thinking the ORMUS dudes were all eating the same Rainbow Stew as she was but has since found out that all Mens Feet are cast in clay when it comes to making money."!


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