Monday, November 14, 2011

Starting from Seed...

Hi there, it has been a while!! I've been away with a job that I loved, but now I've lost. Rather than looking at something as "lost", I've decided to see what I've gained...
Thank you Terry O'Dell

2 be creative, play with beads, make jewelry, analyze my blog and etsy website, watch important documentaries, be inspired by other art and artists, and grow, GROW, GROW......Hence, the name of this blog entry.

I've already started exploring my newly found time, and already I'm seeing the answer to the "why" that I ask in response to the sudden changes in my life. I think it came to me when I saw Food Inc., King Corn, and The Future of Food. (Click the links to watch, online, now!)
Hungry For Change? official Food Inc Website

I started to go into detail about where I've been, and what got me to where I am today, but I thought it might be easier to illustrate my train of thought.

I started two months before her arrival, to clean house and plant pretty flowers for the deck. We were ready for Grandma Uta!
My mom arrived safely, loved what she saw, and cooked a lot of great food. She hosted a lovely party to catch up with new friends she made on her last visit. I hosted a bunco party and got the worst case of flu ever (lasted more than 8 days!). Mom took a trip to visit friends down south, and I had the house to myself. I caught up on the documentaries I'd saved in my NetFlix cue....

What Is Your Favorite Word To Scream?
I'm eating WHAT?!

Okay, for me it is not about the poor animals; for me it is about my poor body! I can't believe, as educated as I am, that I never thought about "grain fed" as an unnatural way for animals to eat. Cows don't eat corn! Corn kills them as a matter of fact. Chickens don't live in the dark. In order for Americans to afford to eat, we buy cheaper goods. Cheaper goods are made cheaper at the expense of something...always!

But I had a job at the time of this epiphany, so I decided to pay more to eat better. No more corn syrup, no more feed lot beef and chicken. I'm gonna find a friend to split a steer and pig with me, from a local farmer who grass and range feeds his animals. In the mean time I'll pay twice as much for milk just to get it from a dairy cow that is fed properly. I'm going to grow veggies and herbs that I can can and eat year round; but how will I find REAL seed, or plants grown from non genetically engineered seed?!

It all starts with the seedI read all the labels, I asked the butcher where the pig came from (he didn't know), and I will ask where the veggies and fruits come from (did you know that Genetic Engineering is forbidden in Mexico?)

But, now I've lost my job. Woe is me, but not alas nor alac. I'm still going to grow veggies and herbs, and I'm still going to read labels and find resources for REAL food. In the mean time, I recommend you all inform yourself about what we eat now, what we can do about it, and what farmers should do (I say, let Monsanto sue everyone...who says you have to actually pay them? What would they do if farmers stopped farming? I actually think that is a good solution; we should put a fund together to support farmers who farm in wholesome, diversified, non corporate ways).

It is very scary to think our world is going to end, the downfall of our civilization, will be because one corporation stole our ability to grow healthy food. It isn't going to literally hail brimstone and fire; we are all going to starve in the end.

In the other mean time, I will be pumping up the volume on my creativity, making jewelry, loving art and fashion, maybe knitting and sewing, diversifying my medium types, and putting to use what I learned at my job to pump up the volume of my brand through social media monitoring.

Stay tuned for more random ramblings and sharing of visions, artistic, holistic, and lots of other "ic"s!

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