Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In my last entry I said I had too much pride to undersell my work, and I showed you this necklace. Well I gave up the pride, and offered this necklace for auction ... I guess pride isn't what keeps it from selling. I wonder what does.

Today I think I'll quickly catch you up on what's going on in my life. In November I lost my job, and 10 days later my friend had a stroke. Two months after her stroke, with much care from many people, she's doing amazingly well, and I am once again in a place to wonder what is next for me.

Christmas has come and gone, and now, so has my only vehicle. I'm presently trying to figure out how to get a new car, and with the help of my very dear friends Matt and Karen, I have a temporary solution; and with the help of the Universe and others I will soon see a permanent solution.

I've discovered a new selling venue called TopHatter which is a cool live auction site. I've sold a set of beads at a dollar a bead (stolen!) and had no success with my necklace starting at $40 (this is obviously not a place to sell high"er" ticket items.)

I've got too many beads and before I make any new ones, I am determined to sell what I have. So, I've been making jewelry. Below are three necklaces and a pair of earrings I've made this week. I will be listing them soon in my etsy shop, so if you are interested in any of these pieces, or something custom, let me know.

Another website I've discovered is Pinterest. It is like a bulletin board, and I post pictures of things I like. Go check it out! I've made A LOT of new friends there, not to mention a few recipes (Chubby Hubby Bars and Snickers that are so real!)

I have also become part of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation. There are 7 steps to complete and I've done 6. All I need to do by April is lose 24 pounds. If I complete all the steps I will become eligible to win $1,000,000! In the interest of becoming healthier I've recorded a video diary and will be posting my entries on the Internet soon. I've been to the doctor and discovered I have such good cholesterol numbers (almost TOO low!) I'm more interested in becoming physically fit than I am in losing weight, so I've decided to look for physical fun, starting with geocaching and Zumba. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt, where one looks for, as well as leaves, hidden treasure at published geographic (lat & longitude) locations.

Til next time, I will follow this advice I now give: No dream is too little, no wall is too high.



  1. Hi Mona, Nice to see you Blogging again. You made some really nice jewellery pieces I hope you sell them all!
    We also watch dr OZ in SA, love his show and he is inpsiring!


  2. Thanks Astrid! I'm honored that you read my blog, and now I'm reading yours to. Your talent is incredible!


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