Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finding My Signature Style

This morning I keep feeling that there is something I'm SUPPOSED to be doing; then I realize I get to do what I want to do! Exciting!

I watched a documentary titled Seamless (2005) which featured "finalists in a contest to support the next generation of designers." It was interesting and inspiring. It gave me anxiety and a desire to jump into creative mode. It inspired me to clean my design space; then I told myself to just work in the space as is, just go for it and create. Then a thought related to my last blog post came: what is my "signature" style? And the answer came to me in a question: What do I love?

I love India (at least the artistic beauty of it; wish I could say I know all of India). I love the colors and patterns and dreaminess of India. And then I thought about what I want to make and what I want to learn.

I love the stringer work in glass that I'm so unskilled at.
Trey Cornette
Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper
Claudia Pagel "Glasting"
And I could see in my mind's eye a bead that looks like my favorite dress from Ustav. And the train of thought rolled on. Imagine a beautiful set of beads that represents the things I love about India. 

I get to do what I want to do today. I want to learn about applying stringer designs to beads. I want to make pink and orange and gold and red beads. Off to watch some video lessons and then to the torch I will go!

Here are some inspirations.

Elusive fuchsia and true vitreous orange, floral, silky elegant bright

 Black base with Canyon de Chelly stringer

Literal stringer with bright, dragged dot feathers

Brick red background with silvered ivory stringer and a touch of white. Wonder how ivory reacts with pure gold leaf?

Light pea green with lots of dots, pink flowers (murrini), grass green stringer

Black on white stringer, combination of masked dots and stringer work

Some great stringer and masked dot patterns

A good pattern to start with

A Gazillion pattern possibilities with Mhendi and Maori/Tribal tattoos too!

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