Sunday, August 19, 2012

God Bless America - And you too!

I just added a new post to my new website, I watched a great movie this morning called God Bless America (2011, Goldthwait); read my review and commentary. Check out my new website, sign up for updates and get a coupon for 15% off your next purchase!

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So, I have been working on a new website! I was inspired by the lack of employment, abundance of time, lack of funds, and LKRsocialmedia's $1 offer. I have subscribed to Laura Roeder's The Dash newsletter for a while and took advantage of her offer for a month of social media tools. While on her site, I was inspired to start a new web site and use Word Press to create it. Word Press is a great software program, but has a high learning curve. I am enjoying it's "language", and will keep learning about it, and will keep applying the principles I learned from LKR as I continue to develop my website (which looks like a Pinterest page!!!)

My garden is going strong. I have new pics to share with you! My green beans are big (wonder when I should pick them). I've pulled peas for next crop's seed. I'm starting to see  fruit on the watermelon and squash plants. I've got TONS of cucumbers blooming (I'm sure I planted squash but got cucumbers instead!?)  My bush cherry tomato has its first flower. My cilantro has bloomed so it is now  Coriander and has seed pods that I'll use for the next planting. My herbs are starting to produce a usable amount; yesterday's spaghetti sauce was seasoned only with oregano, basil, and parsley from my garden!
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If you are a Facebook Friend or live in the Mother Lode, you know we've had a fire very close to home. It is now around 75% contained. Here's my favorite picture of the firefighting efforts.
DC10 Fighting Ramsey Fire, Calaveras County (
Speaking of wildfire, I will be doing some lot cleanup around my own house this morning and then I think I'll make some beads! I'll be pretty busy next week, and through September; I have a temp substitute position for 3 to 4 days a week! It pays to have faith!!! Isaac is ready for school, thanks to Grandma Uta! Isaac LOVES all the clothes "They are perfect!"

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