Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There is no God…now that I’ve said it, that’s all right with Her!

It has been close to a year it seems since I've written. Now I have a lap top again, and I'm excited to be back! And the timing couldn't be better. Merry Christmas to you all, and if you do nothing else today, have a conversation about whatever...just talk and see what your mind opens up. Miracles are possible if you have faith!
There is no God…now that I’ve said it, that’s all right with Her!
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Looking at the wish bones on the window sill while doing dishes this Christmas morning, I give a thought to my son and I wish for him…

Happiness and prosperity, no prosperity from happiness,…

              No, just happiness…and faith, no not faith in God, blind  faith…

                           No, blind faith…no, I want him to be so aware of what the Universe provides that he shares it with others…

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 OMG I’m going to be in trouble for thinking these thoughts…no…wait…

              God    does   not   need   the credit…..God    is    God………..

                                                       W O W
“Isaac! I just had an epiphany!”, I say before I share my train of thought (verbatim) with my son. And we continue the thoughtful journey. WE are God….God is real and gave us a “push” but we choose the direction. Together we are powerful and can create miracles…or we can hurt each other….it is the choice given to us. But without US, God does not exist, and God is so powerful and secure that God does not need need to be named as the creditor of our deeds any more than Satan for our sins. WE alone, yet together, are responsible for the conditions of heaven or hell on the Earth. But, what about Jesus? What really happened there.
OMG, another epiphany….why was Jesus killed? Why is any man killed by another? Jesus was not killed so that we would be forgiven for our sins…Jesus was killed to cover up the sins of his persecutor.  Think about it, think about the innocent man sentenced to death…someone…SOME ONE… knows he is  innocent but says nothing….why? Because the persecutor is guilty and does not want to be exposed and defending an innocent man will point the finger at guilt at himself.  W O W…Jesus was not crucified so that we may be forgiven, but rather so that we would not be aware of the truth of the prosecutor. Oh Em Gee!
So, Isaac says, “And God is a woman. Think about it. Imagine that I’m angry at you and want nothing more to do with you and I go on in my life to do amazing things like cure cancer. You will be watching me, you will be proud of me. You will love me despite my not accepting you. I do not have to believe in you, but you will still love me. God is a mother.”  “Yes!”, I reply, “And the Church is the father, setting the rules, having expectations, The Father, the pastor the priest…all men”.  And who but a woman, or one of a motherly, or purely loving heart, would easily give up the glory of love to another’s credit…because that kind of love does not need “ownership rights.”
God is a woman, Her love is free, abundant, and the easiest choice we can make. It is important on this, and every day, that we realize not that Jesus died on the cross, but that Mary his mother, and Magdalene his lover, wept, not just for him, but for all of those hanged that day. And they prayed, not to God but to the world, and all of the future of it, that this pain and suffering should never be known by another again. And it is their tears, not the blood of Jesus that anointed the Earth.
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And while we are it, we can see that that the rising of Jesus was not proof that he was the son of God, but instead a promise that love will save the world from the pain of loss. It is THAT love that resurrects the human spirit, on Christmas, on Easter, and any day we choose to give it. It is only in the giving that Love is CREATED.
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 I am blessed to have had this conversation on this special day. I pray to you that you are blessed with such communion this and every day of the year!

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