Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Permission as a Strategy

Something  is calling me today to write about permission. Perhaps it is because I'm focused on giving it to myself.

While doing The Desire Map program by Danille LaPorte I've been focused on what I desire, what I deep down want to feel as a result of whatever it is I do. A lot of how I want to feel is about what I DON'T want to feel, or what I'm avoiding feeling. My remedy is two-fold: 1) identify what I want to feel more of 2) ask myself in any given moment "How do I want to feel?"

Danielle asked "Is your focus on being happy, or is your focus on not being unhappy?" Abraham talks about "vibration", and states, "You can't help but experience contrast, so you can't help but ask...You've got to be a vibrational match to what you're asking for." I find this concept really easy to understand with the statement "Worry is praying for what you don't want."

When my answer to how I want to feel doesn't quite work or results in an answer that does not vibrate with what I want (in other words the answer is about how I do not want to feel), then I recognize that I need to find something that works. Without consciously doing it, I've learned to give myself permission to feel the way I want to feel; I'm just today recognizing the new strategy.

The new strategy is working for me in many areas of my life, especially when I'm not confident. I am spiting my negative feelings. I am giving myself permission to apply for jobs I would love to do though I don't feel "credentialed" for; I have looked more deeply at my qualifying life-experience and have been interviewed. I am giving myself permission to make beads and jewelry because I want to not because I'm trying to make money; I made some really nice beads that gave me, and show in the results my feelings of joy, creativity, and freedom. I'm giving myself permission to have faith that the Universe will provide what I need, when I need it; yesterday someone bought one of my pieces of jewelry without using a discount code!

A song that just occurred to me, Do It (Till Your Satisfied). 

Right now I'm working on a necklace with a new technique for wire work. I've also listed some jewelry I made last week. Making jewelry is not as profitable as making beads (though where is the profit really if I keep everything :) ?), but I gave myself permission to have fun and be creative! Here are some pics of the new jewelry; if you want more details please visit my shop here

(Necklace is not yet listed)

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