Monday, February 24, 2014

Design Elements for new Jewelry

Design elements for new Jewelry

I don't even wear jewelry that much! But I love it, I love making it, I love the beads, colors, and designs! I love gemstones especially, and I'm coming closer to creating with high quality materials. I recently bought from my friend Lea (LAJewelryDesigns) some nice elements and I'm excited to create with them.


I have some ideas of what I want to do, but I thought I'd look for some inspiration in new places: London Fashion Week and New York Fashion week! When I create I am inspired by the elements and put them together from my heart. I often feel my own style is a little "odd" for the mainstream, but I'm beginning to see it as art. But I don't want to be a famous artist, because (with the exception of Picasso) artists aren't appreciated until after they're gone! I'd like to sell my art, not wear it or store it, so I thought I'd look at what is being sold in the fashion world.

Arik Levy
Alice Cicolini is "charming" for Autumn/Winter 2014. Atellier Swarovski's four designers have familiar pieces some of which remind me of other jewelery artist friends. Geometric, organic, asymmetry is still in fashion. Christopher Kane's necklace reminds me of the one I made a couple months ago (I wasn't thrilled with it so I'm rethinking the design...maybe I was already on to something! pictures for you when it's done.)

Christopher Kane
Fredrikson Stallard reminds me of my friend Lisa Liddy's beautiful, hand made, etched and colored disks.
Fredrikson Stallard

Lisa Liddy and Metal Me This
Zaldy's Cleo Bracelet sure gives me some great ideas (twist on a cellini and right angle weave?)!

OH EM GEE...Christina Ortiz...freakin' amaaaaazing! Can you believe the top left piece is a ring?!
Fernando Jorge is so creative and talented with stones; his organic designs seem to be inside out.

There are so many places from which to gain inspiration. On my Pinterest I collect colors, other lampworkers and jewelry, DIY's, and cultural inspirations. I'm 3/4 done with the piece I'm working on now, and I can't wait to show you! Until then, I would love to see your inspirations and creations! Share them with us on my Facebook page here!

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