Saturday, February 1, 2014

Window Shopping

I love window shopping. I love it because I can spend as much virtual money as I want and satisfy my desire for things where otherwise money is an object.
Photo: FabLiz

Yesterday I spent almost $2,000 at Pyramid Collection. I love their styles; they are elegant, unique, fun, and different from most any style. I also like window shopping because the delayed gratification lets me be really sure that I want something before I buy it. Usually I know because I keep thinking about it for a long time; some of the items I picked yesterday, I also picked a year ago.
 I also love Polyvore! It lets me take my window shopping a step further. Today I made “outfits” and shopped for more acceccories. Polyvore has a “clipper” that goes on your browser’s bookmark bar; the clipper lets me load my “purchases” into a collage.

It's all about the bell bottoms baby! Black, velvet, big bells, and loooooong! 35" inseam (for the heels I could have them a little longer.) I love these two tops to go with them. The fabric and shape on both are perfect for my figure and taste and make a great opportunity for some really awesome shoes! I love the pop of red on the bowling shoes, and the cowboyboots are worn and comfy looking. I don't like a peeptoe boot, but these seem to have been made for this sexy, shoulder cut-out, bell and fringed sleeved top (MUST have!) Which would you like? Where would you wear it?

Bell Bottoms, Belle!

The main focus is comfort and class. The skirt is TDF! Contrasting shoes I can actually wear all day for teaching, bar tending, or fun; simple, sleek, and color neutral shoes do not have to be understated or boring. Most of these pairs are unique in their own right but do not overpower. Not sure if the lacey booties are too much, r if the casual flats are too flat, and I can't help but LOVE the colorful Massoni or the leopard! What would you choose?


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