Monday, June 29, 2015

Help me please; I need to find some heroes

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Switched at Birth is a wonderful television series on ABC Family.  Season 4, Episode 8 really spoke to me today; Sunday.  Sunday has always been a spiritual day to me. Not the kind of church-going spiritual, but the spirituality of presence to the movement of the world around me and how it shoots arrows into my heart every …single…time.  Today’s episode showed me what my heart wants and a new way to love.


My heart wants to advocate. It is my calling.  It is my best place to be when I am helping someone.  Bay Kennish is an artist; on today’s episode she was an advocate. She showed a young, single, struggling mother with court ordered community service and a baby with a heart defect, how she and her son are every-day heroes. Bay didn’t need to give her anything monetary or tangible; she gave hope. And of course, as is the way the Universe is, in Bay’s giving she also received; she received a commission from the city to continue painting bus stop benches!


I know there are ways for me to help people, and I help all the time. I’ve been wanting it to be my profession but felt clueless about how to monetize what I am most skilled, fulfilled, and passionate about. There is no degree called “Advocate”; no School of Advocacy. There is kindness, observation, and authenticity; I have that in abundance. Bay has inspired me to create a wave, to seek out every-day heroes.  There are so many I know. S. struggles with her husband who is quickly declining with Alzheimer’s. D. struggles with “looking” fine even three years after her stroke has left her with hidden disabilities. B. is in his last days of battling cancer; in anticipation he has sent his companion and decades-cared-for-ward, away to her family. B is alone because he was unselfish in caring for her needs, even when he is gone.  I CAN advocate for these people; I CAN give my recognition to them and just tell them how valued and appreciated they are. I CAN also find other every-day heroes through you, my readers.
Who are the every-day heroes you know? Tell me their story. I will find a way to make sure they are appreciated. I am making a way for myself; only through making a way for others will I be successful.

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