Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Monetize (Make Money) with a Blog

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I Googled “how to monetize a blog,” and picked three links that looked good on the first page.  The first two looked a lot like sales pitches for e-books products or courses. The third one had a splash page that led me to a site that had a GREAT look. They too were selling, but in a way that was more pleasant and in a way that gave me something for nothing (I found a bunch of links and instructions for posting pics without violating rights.)

flickr.com Eric Weinke
The third site has inspired me to write even before finishing the reading that attracted me to it.  A light came on as I was reading what 26 Expert Bloggers like to do to monetize their sites.  I kept reading about how the best thing to do, the most profitable and controllable thing, is to create your own product.  Until now I couldn’t fathom how I could be an Online Advocate or create a “product” out of what I love to do. Then I realized, “How many times have you googled for information?!”  I can create products that will be useful to others the same way they have been useful to me.

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Another thought occurred to me: “clear and measurable goals.” This phrase occurs any time I want to create a plan or analyze a changing situation. I can do that with my blog because I know how many subscribers I have, and I have analytics built into my blog.  There are some basic things I need to do, even though I already have a blog; I need to blog from my own domain, I need to have a clean site, I need to find my niche and where others in my niche hang out, I need to build and maintain connections.
Are you a blogger? Do you make money with your blog? How do you form connections with your blog?

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