Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mona, Mona, How Does Your Garden Grow

Well the first week of September has come and gone. Kids are back in school, I'm back to work,  and soon it will be frosty. It is hard to believe this gorgeous weather will end soon. Well, it won't "end" but will  transform to crisp, frosty, and snowy, another beautiful weather here in Arnold.
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It is also hard to believe that my garden is finally producing fruit! I hope the rest of it gets a chance to mature before the first frost. I have a gorgeous zucchini that I JUST found, but it's already 3+ inches  long; lots more new ones showing too.  I wonder if the female flower at it's end is telling me to pick the fruit; I know that if you pick the bloom the fruit stops growing...does it matter if the bloom is dried up? I have two baby tomatoes at the site of my first blossoms. Green beans aren't done, but I only have a few flowers. Next year I'll have to plant at least 3 times the amount and stagger plantings so I can have larger and longer harvests. Cucumbers are amazing looking! Big ones are growing in the pot near the roots, the flowers are still coming, and the longest vine must be 4 feet! I FINALLY have peppers, well the buds at least. I checked to see if  the carrots are ready to harvest but the shoulders are still deep under the surface. I've been using the basil a lot; the more I use the more the plants produce.

I emailed my subscribers a new update on my web site. The update includes beads that have not been listed yet; they are exclusively for sale to my list subscribers, and they make an  offer instead of me setting prices. If you want in on that deal, you need to subscribe to my web site by clicking here. You also will get 15% off of your next purchase and the coupon doesn't expire!
Murder at Half Passed Midnight

Halloween will soon be here. To get me motivated, my dreams gave me the worst nightmare I've ever had! I retell the story on my website. Click the Pic to read it.

 I also tried out some of my hardware store findings to make a bracelet. What do you think  of it?  It's kind of wide and top heavy, but I love the beads, the style and the colors.

 Lampworker Extraordinaire, Jennifer Geldard,  introduced me to a  new blogger and she's Hilarious!! Check out Pintester: (Effing up Pins so You Don't Have To!)  here! 

My Favorite Pins
Speaking of Pinterest, I love  it! My home page looks like a Pinterest page! Here is a collection of my favorite pins this week. Click the Pic above to see them!

Besides watching both political conventions, I did put up new listings of beads and Jewelry this week. I made lots of posts to my web site.

I am thinking about making an official FaceBook page, but I'd like your opinion. Please take my poll and leave an opinion by clicking here.

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