Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday morning I was catching up on The Mindy Project. Forgive me please, I'm bad at names. In this episode Mindy's partner, the macho-obstinate-lone-wolf-type-doc tries to help Mindy as an "authority" on television (she's invited to do local news medical-minute-type spots). Mindy was chosen for this because she is who she is -- the audience could empathize with her. The helping doc coaches her out of being who she is, and into being "status quo" -- who he thinks she should be. He is well meaning and wants her to succeed but doesn't see  his own issues in the process.
We give power and authority to others instead of to our selves; we praise and idolize and desire to be "them" instead of who we are. Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo had a great "rapid fire Q & A" and addressed that in a different way. Danielle discusses adulation and how she handles it the same way as she handles criticism: "I just did the best I could do in a given moment". Marie handles adulation by stating that success is a choice, not something she "gave" to her fans -- THEY made the choices and did the work.
In my experience, whenever I've been sincere in my admiration, people are turned off. This has been detrimental to becoming a teacher. Why is it so uncomfortable to be admired? Why don't we want to be special? What if we just learned to accept the truth about our differences, greatness, and magnetism? Would we stop complimenting those we give power to?
If we idolized our selves, would we start taking credit for what we do? Would we all become more similar in our differences, and not stand out so much? Would the world become a place where we all make a difference to the point that it becomes common place? Isn't that what we want? 
If what we want is positive diversity, it is right that we not accept responsibility for the greatness others inappropriately bestowed on us; if we want more great people they must accept that THEY are the great ones.


  1. You are very reflective today Mona. I did some affirmation work today myself. Needing a lift up is important for yourself as well as for all you meet up with today.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. It's nice when you don't have to work hard; it's so much easier to lift another than to lift the self. Thanks for the appreciation; I appreciate you back, whoever you are! :)


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