Monday, April 1, 2013

Lean Forward!

Let me start by saying, "I've really missed you!" I've been busy leaning forward in life, no longer allowing fear of falling to get in my way. The blog title is part of a "mantra" I've been using when I recognize fear getting in the way of my progress in life: "Lean forward; it's a roller coaster, not a cliff!" The Desire Map has made such a big difference in my life, and most days all I have to ask myself is "Mona, how do you want to feel?"

Next, I'd like to say "The medicine profiles the line."  LOL, not my words but the words I need to include in a post in order to qualify for a "pay per post" blogging site. I love writing to you all, but I don't love being broke. So, I thought it was time to start earning some money for all the things I love to do.

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One of the things I love to do is advocate for those in need; and I'm actually really good at it! A friend told me the other day that "I've been doing what it is I've been looking for, all along!" My "advocate" journey began with helping my brother get out of trouble and have a good place to live. Then I advocated for my friend who had a massive stroke which left her disabled. Most recently another friend asked me to advocate for her based on what I'd done for others, and a friend of hers even called me last week asking for advice based on what I'd done. The next thing I knew, about 8 jobs in advocacy became available in my county! Got a call today for an interview!

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I made a custom order of beads, and a couple new beads that I'll show you at another time. I watched a really great film last week called "Naqoyqatsi". It was so impressive that I want to watch it again and then do a separate blog post about it. Spring is definitely here, inspiring me to move, play, and create; but I know we will get at least one more snow (we sure need it here!).
I've been working on my website, and learning more about social media monitoring and marketing. If you have not subscribed to my site, please do, and you will receive 15% off my beads. I also have started a Facebook page for MonaRAEbeads. Please stop by and visit.

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