Thursday, May 9, 2013

LookBook: Pansy Skies

Pansy Skies is one of my favorite beads. I love how perfectly balanced the amount of colors and the placement of dots turned out. I have an issue with color...more is better I say, but not necessarily better looking. Often my work looks like (at least to me) I just didn't know when to stop.
Margie Deeb

Some people have such a talent in the area of color, and two "masters" I admire are Brandi (Brandi Girl Blog) and Margie Deeb.  

Brandi Girl Blog
There is so much inspiration, but never enough time or money to create all the things I would like. I think that is what I love about websites like Pinterest and Polyvore. They let me plan to create. Here I planned to create a necklace with Pansy Skies using complimentary beads by Lori Bergmann. I had a lot of fun designing an entire ensemble around my imaginary necklace, including a FABULOUS pair of shoes I can only think about wearing!
Paired with beads by Lori Bergmann

If you ever want to see how I would design jewelry with my, or even your beads, subscribe here to my blog, follow me on Polyvore, or just send a request.

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  1. Love your Pansy bead, Mona and agree that my other beads would go perfectly with it! Thanks so much for visiting my shop ( and featuring me here on your fun blog! *Ü*


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