Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tubes Tuesday: Deception

"The Woman Who Wasn't There" (2012) is a documentary film about one of those people who lie about everything. Tania Head wasn't there. She was not a survivor. She was not in the twin towers. She was not married or engaged to "Dave". She didn't have a dog. She wasn't a friend. Whether she was really nice is in question.

Tania Head did a lot of nice things for a lot of truly nice people who were truly nice survivors and family of survivors of what has become known as "9-11". She did it all as what cyberspace calls a "troll." She rubbed elbows with the mayor and got the gates of ground zero open to the WTC survivors group; she also influenced the board members of the group to dethrone the groups founder. She didn't do anything illegal though; she didn't sign papers or gain money. However she raped the emotions of a lot of people who loved her and cared about her because they believed her. I've never heard of such an extreme example of selfishness; however sociopaths are not capable of selfishness because they are not capable of identifying with others.

Like anyone else who watches this film or hears this story, the questions beg an answer: Why? What did she have to gain?

The way this film tells the story is excellent. The story is almost incredible. That people can do such a thing is so disheartening, almost as much so as the tragedy that Tania Head so much wanted to be a part of.

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