Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it REALLY Spring?

My son says, "No. It will snow again in a week if you believe it really is spring!" But my mood says it is, says I want it to be. Look at this new necklace I made yesterday; what is more spring than this little flower child?!
I'm not totally happy with it. I think it could look more polished and the balance could be better and it would be nice if I had copper chain. I worry about how busy it is.

This necklace was inspired by a favorite necklace at Great Barbarian's Shop on ETSY. I saw that the front could be the clasp in an ornate way.

I've been meaning to share another ETSY shop with you. I am constantly amazed how people are able to dig deeper than they knew their pockets went when others are in need. So much need is happening in the world right now. And global need gets global attention, but what about the little need, or rather big needs of people who must seek out attention. I often see "excuses" about why people are selling things and I think to myself, "Are they really in need or is it just to elicit sympathy  and a sale?" Well, these thoughts were brought to mind when I found this ETSY shop.

Aid for Abby is a shop that sells art made by a girl who is Autistic. Mom's, Bonnie Blair's, profile tells the story about the shop and her daughter and her life with her kids and the lessons she has learned about life through her loving daughter. She is so endearing, sincere, and factual, that I know it is not an "excuse".

I just listed TEN new items in my shop. I wanted to share with you that any time I add new listings to my shop, I also move some items to the clearance section and reduce prices. Please check out my shop, and if you are interested in making a purchase, anyone who is a subscriber to this blog, or my other blog BEADS of Thought, will receive 20% off any purchase over $20 (comment Subscriber20 will be verified and receive immediate refund of discount).

Well, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Maybe this week, maybe a couple months....if it is in your heart, it will last forever!


  1. Love your new blog! Check out my etsy site at www.etsy.com/shop/wulfgirl

  2. Thanks Virginia! And I love your use of natural and faceted gemstones! I'd love to see my beads in your work sometime!

  3. Hi Mona, The spring is here!!!!!!! I can see the smile of your flower. great post:-)

  4. Thank you so much Sigalit! I love your work, it is always full of spring!


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