Saturday, March 12, 2011

Technology of Thought

Techology is the answer. To what? To better feelings about my bead business. To better feelings and more intimacy with friends. To new inspirations, artistic and emotional. To scholarly pursuits. To education for all. To safety. To global unity, and as we embrace technology, we resort to the ancient standby of prayer. As we pray knowingly for all in our worlds, we pray subconsciously that technology will continue to lift us, and not be our downfall as we fear.

We interrupt this insight with a message from our rerun of Nip Tuck, courtesy of instant que and Net Flix. OMG, a woman just stuffed a man with a machine that fills teddy bears!

I've listed new beads in my ETSY shop.

My shop is doing well regarding exposure. I love ETSY's social circle format. I'm meeting a lot of new artisans and they are encouraging to me.

I love my FaceBook too; another example of technology's positive influence. With the recent earthquake in Japan, I'm getting to know more about the people in my life through their discussions and deep insights into morality, ethics, religion, and more. I'm glad I know the people I do, and through the social media I'm getting to know more about them than I otherwise would or could. Lampwork Etc. was my first real exposure to the magic of social networking, and I've made very special life long friends there as well.

My social network friends encourage many facets of my life. Bead making is one example. I made a lot of new beads this week; check out my album on FaceBook.

As I start to think about the time I took to make beads, in spite of the guilt I felt for not working on my research, I realize even more how technology plays a part in my life. If I hadn't been making beads, I would not have thought about technology. If I hadn't been thinking about technology, I would not have realized the most obvious object of the research I was supposed to be doing. When I realized I should do my research on the implementation of the iPad in special education, I also realized that subconsciously I WAS working on my research!

So, today's lesson is to embrace technology, your friends, your passion, your craft, and your subconscious work; guilt is a waste of time and masks the work you do in the background of your mind.

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