Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pro-crastination, I'm an expert

Everywhere I look, around me I see all the procrastination. Why do I do it? I feel guilty and overwhelmed for not doing what I need to do, and overwhelmed by the feelings of inadequacy to do those things to begin with. On the other hand I tell myself that I'm not really putting things off, but processing them through thought in the back ground. Where is the BS? I'm not sure, but thinking about it all just ruins this otherwise perfectly gloomy, rainy day.

Regardless, I am blessed. I have a loving mom and son, great friends, and social networks that support me. I was featured on three ETSY treasuries yesterday! Skaan's Spring Has Sprung, JewelryByTamar's Can I Please Have Honey Mustard Salad Dressing, and RenataAndJonathan's Having Friends Is Cool. I've heard that the more comments and clicks a treasury receives, the more likely that treasury will appear on the ETSY home, or "front", page.

Thinking of treasuries reminded me of a web site I once knew about that would look up your name and report any treasuries you were in. A little search for the web site landed me in a place called Craftopolis. I'm going to check it out. Supposedly they use google analytics to report a lot of different aspects of activity on your ETSY site; but then again, ETSY has a lot of new features that do that for you already.

Speaking of activity on ETSY, I have a circle of artist friends that is growing and growing. I have decided to create a treasury featuring my faves from my new friends. Go visit and comment and click: Rings n' Things, Bobbles n' Bling, Jewelry in all Things


  1. Your beads are just fantastic !

  2. Thank you Linda! Your polymer faces on ETSY are wonderful too!


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