Saturday, January 5, 2013

Benignly Insane

Here's a picture of my very first Cellini Spiral fashioned into a sparkly necklace for the New Year! I'm ready to make my next one, with more exotic components like seashells, coral, and gemstone chips!

So you know I've been reading The Desire Map, a program written by Danielle LaPorte, instructing the discovery of making Goals with Soul through focus on desires. There are a lot of self-discovery platforms out there right now; that's no surprise as we all seem to be searching for something to replace all the loss we have had in 2012. Yesterday Danielle interviewed Gabrielle Bernstein, author of May Cause Miracles, a step-by-step prescription for adopting a "Mindset of Miracles."

I connected with the "Miracle Response" to "overwhelm", and it inspired me to think about being grateful for things that are inciting me to feel stress.Maybe the reason I feel stress is because of fear for those things, or what they may bring, if I actually desire them; could this thing bring me fame, happiness,success or accomplishment? Am I afraid that achievement forces me to accept that I am worthy and able? If I accept that I am worthy or able, what will I lose, and why am I afraid to lose it?

I'm such a thinker, ain't I?! This morning I watched a documentary called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. Evidently there is a series of Zeitgeist movies. "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which presents a case for a transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society.
This subject matter transcends the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and moves to relate the core, empirical "life ground" attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a "Resource-Based Economy"."
It was a difficult movie to watch, both intellectually and emotionally, but I LOVED the ending. Imagine a world without money?What would become "valuable"?  This movies strengthened my desire for self sufficiency and a craving to bring change to my own community toward sustainable living.

The Rusty Chicken on Etsy
And as I went about my day, I was reminded again when I went to the market. On the sidewalk outside, was a gentleman selling his craft out of the back of his truck. His craft was handmade wooden looms. His prices were very good, $50 for a small one and $80 for a large. In his basket he examples of weaving with different fibres, including jute, sisal, and wire. That would definitely be of value in a sustainable, resource-based culture. Resources aren't just what nature provides, but what we do with it, like weaving; our mind is our greatest resource.

On the way home I drove passed a gentleman who was kneeling in a driveway, just kneeling there. My instincts told me to turn around to see if he was okay, and I followed them. By the time I'd come back to where he was, he was walking up the hill, grocery bag in hand; he had just been resting. I rolled down my window and offered to give him a ride. He thanked me but declined, stating he was almost "there." It made me feel good to follow my intuition, to be fearless, to know with absolute certainty that I was safe. Thank you again, Desire Map; so simple to just check into my feelings!

IdiomLive on Wordpress
Speaking of feelings and thinking, I have so many thoughts, and such a desire to share them, and so many ideas, and such a desire to bring them to reality. I am always stopped by the abundance of ideas I have, with old tapes cawing my lack of focus and direction. But ya' know what?! Screw that! I want to keep writing, I want to start a social media marketing/monitoring business, I want to learn more about technology and analysis, I want to be an advocate in the field of education and welfare of all people, I want to find a way for children to build confidence in themselves and see the results in their accomplishments. I want I want I want....I WILL change the world!

Mindy Raff, 2013
Then I started thinking about writing, and how I write about everything, and I need to categorize my subjects, and how I can do that with my website. Then I wonder out of the clear blue, if my mother reads my blog. I decide she doesn't because it probably makes her sad to see me go in so many directions but never get to a profitable destination. Or maybe she does read it but she sees nothing but "crazy". Then I imagine this conversation, "You're so crazy, but you don't see it." Me: "Well, at least my insanity doesn't hurt anyone." Coming back to reality, I laugh out loud and say, "Yeah! I'm benign....benignly insane. (Laughing some more) I WANT to be benignly insane! I want to FEEL benignly insane! I love all the ideas I have and I love my thought process. Yeah, I want to be who I am, benignly insane!"

Have a happy, love filled, creative day!

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