Friday, July 17, 2015

How to Name Your Baby

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I really need a name for my business and I can’t create a web site or new blog without one.  A name is so important!  When my father was in the hospital they kept mispronouncing our last name; how disrespectful to a man who was literally on his last breath!  Even The Bible makes a big deal about knowing the names of all who came before you. Look at the struggles we go through naming our children.

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A name has to be just right. "Words are the voice of the Heart" 

What is just right for my business? The name must offer an answer to the need of the client. The name must convey a sense of being helped, listened to, rescued, relieved, comforted, and supported. My clients are in a quandary over money; bills that are too high when they shouldn’t be, bills that are unaffordable, bills that are confusing, and fear of losing estates and a lifetime of building inheritance and earnings. My clients are confused and at a lost to find resources, or even to know that they qualify for known resources. My clients are in emergent situations; they don’t have time, energy, or knowledge to deal with the medical system.

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I joined the Association of Professional Advocates, attended a call-in seminar, and bought a book. I’m half way through The Health Advocate’s Start & Grow Your Own Practice. The accompanying workbook, and its answers, are the beginnings of my business plan. I’m excited by my cash flow statement; I will only be $25,597 in debt by the end of month 13! I actually feel good about that. I never saw debt as a sign of growth.

 August 8 is the first class at UC Berkeley… having second thoughts about spending the money. I will figure it out. I projected six grand for my educational spending for the first year.

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Free Showtime!

On other fronts, Showtime is free for 30 days on Hulu. I’m catching up on House of Lies, Shameless, and Ray Donovan. One of my tomato plants is not putting out new flowers! My zucchini and cucumbers are getting their first blooms. The weather is beautiful. My orchid has a brand new leaf!


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ANSWER THIS: What would you name my health advocate business? What words ring for you when I say,
“My advocacy provides financial and practical resources for you or your family members to help negotiate medical billing and auditing, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, insurance claims filing and appeals, diagnostic research, and estate and end of life planning. My allegiance is solely to you, not the hospital or insurance company. I find what you need in ongoing or emergency situations, with any health condition or status. I am your very own, personal advocate. I will fight for you.”?

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