Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Having a Baby

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Today I am researching Small Business Administration (SBA) resources. I’ve dreaded creating a business plan for years. Now I’m ready to dive. The SBA has a great online planning tool that lets me complete a plan at my own pace and guides me through all the necessary parts.
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The business plan is described by the SBA as a “living” plan; as if it is alive and breathing. What an “ah ha!” moment. People refer to their projects as their “baby.” My business plan is a living breathing baby; it is the DNA of my health advocacy business. What a cool way to think of it!

When someone raises a child and the child leaves home, they (we…I) experience “empty nest syndrome.” Often the cure to the syndrome is finding a new purpose or project or hobby or whatever…finding a new “baby.” The same thing happens when someone retires from a career.
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Currently my son is 18 and entering his 2nd year of college. I am not a typical empty nester because my son is still at home…well, sort of. At the local community college he has found a social life he didn’t get to experience in high school, so he is rarely home.  I get the security of knowing I will see him more than parents whose children are far away at school. I get the pseudo-security of letting him go more slowly; pseudo because it is a false sense…I couldn’t worry about him more if he were far away, than I do now.

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One of the things that happen when we experience the emptying of the nest is the space to fill with a new focus…a new baby. I recognize that growth away from my son and toward my new baby, myself, is the best thing I can teach my son. Just as I am proud of my own mother for the wonderful life she has created for herself, my son will be proud of me too. I now realize that the success I have in growing “away” from him gives him the security he needs to grow away from me. He’s going through empty nest too.

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Holy Cow!  Cue “News Flash” music.  Enter voice: We interrupt this blog to bring you an important phone call. C. (that woman who you most often describe as “evil” and “out to get you” but has recently turned over a new and more pleasant leaf) has an important message to deliver; a local housekeeper, and parent of a childhood school mate to your son, is in need of advocacy and I’m putting her on the phone with you now. “I heard you do that kind of thing; I need your help.”


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Thank you God. Today’s message is loud and clear: “Do Not Doubt You Are on the Right Path.”
It started with a horoscope that said “Some of the paths you are exploring now seem a bit daunting, Aquarius. Don't worry about that- you are in your element now. Enjoy these new connections and paths you are looking into and really, give yourself permission to thrive in the things you're checking out.”
And the next thing I know I am helping a local woman whose ex-husband (father of her 5 children, 3 little ones still at home and the oldest only 20) needs a lung transplant. She’s been working alone trying to get him on the national transplant list and there are a few requirements he’s having trouble meeting and she’s thinking positively about future resource needs when he gets on the list. The Universe truly does conspire IN my favor!
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How have you noticed the Universe conspiring in your favor?

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