Friday, July 20, 2012

So Hum Arha (Sanskrit: I Am Worthy)

Every day answers a new question. On day 1 of Deepak Chopra's 21 day Meditation Challenge, I think, I asked, “Do we know all the things in our past that hold us?” I always felt stopped by fear in entertaining discovering the unknown secrets of my mind, that are hidden to protect me. I always say, “I don’t need to know what they are.”

"Our challenge is to identify the misery producing narratives so that we can reframe them in ways that allow our wounds to heal."
—David Simon

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In today’s meditation we are discovering the healing when we know what happened in the past, the memories. “If we spent a lot of time alone as a child, we learned how to be independent. Those of us who were not able to spend long periods of quality time with our parents or caregivers learned how important it is to be present, and to cherish every moment with loved ones.” That’s not what I learned though. I learned that I didn’t deserve to have people care about me, and that in order to deserve attention I had to be better, good, try harder; I learned I was not enough.
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You have to treat the source of the pain or injury, rather than only the symptoms. Pain comes from unmet need; how can I get my needs met now? 

What do I need, to KNOW I am enough? My “unconditional value” that I am worthy of receiving love. I am worthy of receiving love, because….I am…So Hum. Here’s the real question, though: “What do you do that tells me (makes me believe) I am worthy?”
Project Runway is on again!!! I miss sewing. I think I’ve decided to wear whatever I want to wear, no matter that it is inappropriate for the occasion (except maybe a job interview). I miss sewing; I would love to have a dress maker’s adjustable dummy. Maybe I should do a bead and jewelry series based on PR? I think that is a definite DO idea!!!
I have started using Google Calendar for my business revamp efforts. I’ve been reading materials and following action prompts from Laura Roeder’s Social Media  Management Program. I now have a twitter account @MonaRAEbeads. I need to figure that out, learn Hoot Suite, learn word press, and make a new web site.
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Wow, I’ve been making a lot of changes: Day 3 no smoking, meditating, pushing my bead business, writing blogs almost every day, becoming more fearless, growing a garden. I know I am not the only person revamping their life these days.
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